Machine learning engineer and data scientist, specialising in applying ML for computer vision and natural language processing, as well as in MLOps.

I work for Netcall, building machine learning solutions for the company’s Liberty suite of products with a focus on NLP and large language models (LLMs). Previously I worked for Kainos, delivering AI/ML solutions for a wide range of clients including the UK MoD and the UN.

On top of my job I work on open-source AI/ML projects and research, including recently OpenAssistant, a volunteer project to build a free and open instruction-tuned large language model alternative to ChatGPT and collect high-quality instruction-tuning data for the open-source community. You can read our paper here.

Outside of work I take interests in economics, policy, and football.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to reach out via LinkedIn. You can also view my resume although I don’t update it as regularly as LinkedIn or this page.

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